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Intellogistics is a fully fledged digital logistics, freight and courier management software.  It was built with the intension to simplify the daily logistics operations and digitally managing courier businesses efficiently, faster and smarter.  The simplicity of our software keeps  all your operation costs at a bare minimum while increasing sales, marketing output and customer reach with intelligent apps and integrate-able online systems.

Parcel & Driver Tracking

Allow your users to track and trace their parcels in real-time from collection to delivery. Admins can also track drivers for safety and enforce efficient fuel usage.

Online Quotations and Payments

Offer your clients an easy to use online quotation system that gives them instant real time quotations and allows instant online payments.

Admin Dashboard

Interactive dashboards for branches, admins, drivers and clients to manage waybills and parcels.

Accounts & Invoicing

Get access to smart online billing integrations that will bill your customer accounts wirelessly.  With instant invoicing technologies, you will never miss another payment.

Drivers App

Application for drivers to easily administrate and manage all parcels, deliveries, collections and location navigation to parcel destination.

Reports & Insights

Automatic insights on data usage and instant report generation.  Keep track of your admins, drivers, customers, collections, deliveries, returns and more.

The responsibility of Intellogistics to your courier business

Simplify daily business operations

Everything is just a click away! No more papers or multiple legacy systems performing different tasks because with Intellogistics everything is all on one platform.

Cut costs and increase profits

No setup and hardware fees means you save money, and with our online quotation system, online payments and customer portal you are sure to attract more customers.

Reach a larger audience

With our online quotation and client portal, your services can be accessed and used by everyone from anywhere in the world.

Easy setup and usage

Our system is cloud based which means all you need is an internet enabled device to use it. No installations and lengthy setups.

E-Commerce integration

Integrate your e-commerce platform and third party carriers for easy and fast product delivery to all your e-commerce clients and partners.

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